Monday, October 08, 2007

National Schoolyard Birding Challenge

Please share this with any educators or anyone that works with children:

"The National Schoolyard Birding Challenge is a monthly bird watching contest open to students in all public and private schools in the contiguous United States. Student participants in the NSBC will work together to observe, identify, and record various bird species found on their school grounds. NSBC's main objective is to get more young people outside and exploring nature via bird watching. While this popular hobby provides life long enjoyment for enthusiasts, it also holds benefits for many people, especially children."

This contest is sponsored by Fledging Birders, a component of the Education Programs developed by National Biodiversity Parks.


Anonymous said...

This is very cool indeed. I'm forwarding your post and the Fledging Birders site link in varied and numerous directions immediately.

Dave said...

"contiguous United States" What's that? :( I do lots of presentations at schools. I'll pass this on and see if this non-contiguous United State can join in. :)

Patrick Belardo said...


Thanks as always!


I'm not sure why they have the restriction, but I'm sure they'd love to have you join in. Contact Dave Magpiong through the Fledging Birders site.