Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Empid ID Tips and Cape May

When the Cape May folks first launched their web site, I honestly thought that it would have a big launch but not stay current like many other web sites do. I was very wrong. They have a lot of wonderful content about Cape May birding, daily sighting updates, a nice online magazine, and lots of other great info. Their online magazine, Tigrina Times, has a two-part feature on identifying "Little Flycatchers" which has some great info: Part 1 and Part 2.

Another favorite section is "Migrants and Residents" which features interviews with well-known birding personalities. This month's interview is a particularly fun one for me since it features one of my birding mentors, Pete Bacinski. Check it out for some historical perspective on the Cape May Autumn Weekend and the World Series of Birding. Pete was on the first World Series winning team.

So even if you aren't heading down to Cape May for the First Annual Blogger Conference at the Cape May Autumn Weekend, you can still get a taste of Cape May birding through their site.


Birdfreak said...

Just checked out, great site! Thanks for the info!

NewMexiKen said...

The link to the Empid ID tips is now broken. I had referred to it in the ppast and found it very useful. Now have a problematic little flycatcher that I am trying to ID. Several photos are on my Flickr page in the "Jones Meadow Park" group. The URL is:

My HTML skills are faulty, the link is: flicker(dot)com/photos/rosyfinch