Friday, October 19, 2007

Get those easy Rosy-finches while you can!

The Sandia Crest east of Albuquerque, New Mexico has been known as the best place in the US to see all three species of Rosy-finch. The feeders at the restaurant at the top of the mountain attract these species, and others, in winter. Thousands of birders have visited this location to add these beauties to their life lists.

Unfortunately, the future of this location is in jeopardy. The Crest House restaurant is up for sale. Hopefully, the new owners will be bird lovers and the site will remain as great as it is today. There is the chance that some large corporation will buy this and stick a TGIF's up there. This season could be your last chance to see these beautiful birds at these feeders.


birdchaser said...

I'm heading out there end of February. Hope its still good for these guys then. I've never seen brown-capped!

Anonymous said...

Nuts! I was within driving distance of there the year before last but I didn't know about the Rosy-finch trifecta to be had. Lets hope for birding buyers!

Gyorgy Szimuly (SzimiStyle) said...

Time to buy the restaurant :))
Anyway those birds will find another place to tap the feeders. Changing management and ownership is always risky for birds.

BTW: I added your blog to mine :)

Cheers: Szimi

Jochen said...

It matters more to the birders than the birds, that's for sure.
But it is still not nice of you to post this when you KNOW at least one of your readers won't make it anyway as he resides on another darn continent!!
But I might forgive you ... eventually.

Patrick Belardo said...

Sorry Jochen! Beth and I are making tentative plans to go there after Thanksgiving. We'll see if we can pull it off.

Szimi, thanks! I will do the same.

Jochen said...

Well, okay, a nice blog post on the Hawk Owl's Nest might make me a more happy birder again...
Go for it!!!