Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BirdCam Videos: A New Yard Bird!

I'm really having a lot of fun with my BirdCam. I swear a full review is pending! In the meantime, I tried out the video capabilities the last few days.

The first day I had it on the ground and captured mostly House Sparrows, squirrels, and a couple Black-capped Chickadees. The videos are only 10 seconds, so enjoy the first one.

I moved the camera to point to the feeders today. I caught the squirrels raiding my easily accessible peanut feeder. See below.

And finally, behind the squirrel tail wagging in front of the lens, is our long-overdue, first Red-breasted Nuthatch in the yard. Does it count as a yard bird if you don't actually see it? My answer is "Yes!" (It may help to click on this video to view it larger)


dguzman said...

I just had my first RBNU this year too! It seems like everyone on the PA listserv is reporting high numbers of them. I was just happy to see one!

Carolyn H said...

I'd love to get one of those birdcams, though $250 isn't in my budget right now. Even so, I've been trying to decide if a bird captured by one at my feeder would count as a yard bird if I wasn't there to see it. I might count it as a yard bird, (my jury is still out on this one) but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't count it as a lifer if it turned out to be so. And if I wouldn't count it as a lifer, how could I justify it as a yard bird? Such is my dilemma, and I don't even have one!

Carolyn H.

Quintus Joubert said...

Great quality video! I've also had a Red Breasted Nuthatch at my feeder (NW Jersey) for the last couple of weeks - what a weird & attractive bird! Also have my first Junco back, so winter is coming Brrrrrrrrrr.

Keep up the good work, love reading your blog

Patrick Belardo said...

Delia, this has definitely been a great year for them.

Carolyn, it's a tough choice, but I'm going to count it. I'm with you though. If it's a lifer, I'd like to see it with my own eyes.

Quintus, thanks as usual for visiting. The camera takes some surprisingly good video, but it has a low frame rate which makes it look sort of choppy.

Birdfreak said...

Birds caught by remote camera definitely DO count!

I wouldn't count it as a lifer, but one of the neatest things about the Wingscapes camera is that you can get TRUE (yet limited) data on what is going on in your yard when you are away.

Patrick Belardo said...

BF, I love the surprise element of using the birdcam. You never know what you'll see!