Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two New Web Sites

In case you've missed it...

For all of you world listers out there, Birdstack launched this weekend. It's a free, online world bird listing service brought to us, in part, by the brains of fellow blogger David Ringer. It can import lists from various other tools (very important to me!), it's connected to Google Maps, and it's synched with the IOC list so you don't need to keep track of that stuff. It can export data to be shown on blogs, feeds, and other web sites. Birdstack also includes a number of community-oriented features, like comments and forums, to encourage interaction among members. The developers are also working on integration with eBird for easy sharing of data. I've been using it and it's great.

The second site, from our friends at 10,000 Birds, is the Nature Blog Network. This is a "top site list" for nature blogs of all sorts. It has categories for birds, insects, ecology, and many others. If you're interested in reading blogs, this is the place to start so you can see what's popular. If you have a nature blog and you haven't joined, well then you're just silly. It takes about a minute to set it up.


Susan said...

The internet continues to evolve and to showcase creativity. Birdstack is pretty amazing in this first manifestation. I can see all sorts of potential for it, and it's already made my life easier (I can put off thinking about whether to change my Birders' Diary for Avisys. In fact, I think I won't).

The Natureblog Network is going to take me down a lot of virtual paths as well.

Nervous Birds said...

I just joined. Thank you for that heads up.

Next up, I'm going to look into this stacking thing.