Monday, January 28, 2008

More Bird Wine Labels

Back in August, I posted a set of pictures of bird wine labels that we had collected. Since then, we've collected even more. I've posted a new set of pictures on Flickr of 7 new wine labels. There are some neat ones including a Wallcreeper. My sister Mary got me this one above for Xmas. It was an excellent wine. We've found that most of the bird labels have been excellent.

View all labels on Flickr


Jochen said...

Aaah, that's where the Wallcreeper comes from, the one you mentioned in your description of yourself at the "Owl Box"!
I was kind of surprised...

Patrick Belardo said...

Well, it was mostly a spur-of-the-moment decision and I had Wallcreeper wine on the brain. I could list 1000 species I'd love to see.

T.R. said...

What a cool thing to collect. I will keep my eyes open for you during my travels.

Pica said...

Patrick, that *is* a good wine. In my dreams I design wine labels.

In my life, I sketch birds. It's okay, it's more thank okay.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrick ~

Greetings from the Windy City!
About three years ago, I decided
to "marry" my love of wine with
my love of owls and challenged
myself to collecting 25 wine
bottles w/owls on the label...
I did wasn't easy...
I do not have digital pictures
of them (need to do that), but
some of them are really works of
art...and many of them, naturally,
have interesting stories and histories. I still look, as time
permits, for new labels and just
discovered one in Shelby, North
Carolina...Owl's Eye...a stylized
owl wearing a monocle on the label!
Of course, the winery was started by an opthamologist!!

Anyway, I can't seem to download
photos of your new bird labels...
are there any owls among them??

Owl wait to hear from you...



Patrick Belardo said...

Hi Pamela,

Very cool story! I do have a few owl labels. If you click on the link that says "View all Labels" you should see them. If you have trouble, email me at pbelardo---at---yahoo---dot---com. I do have a few owls. I have Owl Ridge from CA and several from Thirsty Owl in NY.