Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New feeder visitor!

I was sitting in my car this morning getting ready to drive to work. I looked towards our house and saw something perched on our suet feeder. From 100 feet away, it didn't look like the usual Downy Woodpeckers we get. I got out of the car and approached it to see a female Red-bellied Woodpecker! Cool! I've never seen nor heard one in our neighborhood, so this was a nice surprise. I tried to get a quick picture but it came out blurry. The bird left the feeder and then spent some time exploring the oak trees. Since I couldn't get a pic, I present these pictures of a male taken by a member of the Feathered Friends forum whose name I misplaced (Sorry!). The second pic shows the very interesting light-blue coloring in the underwings.


Beth said...

That was quite a sight. I hope she comes back later.

Anonymous said...

The light blue on the underwing in the second picture may be an illusion due to a shadow, camera effect, or post-processing. Actually the top of the feeder seems a bit more blue in the second picture as well.