Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Costa Rica Top 10 Recap

Before I left for Costa Rica, I posted a lofty list of my 10 most wanted birds. Here's the outcome:

1. Rufous Motmot - Missed it again, but I did see Broad-billed Motmot and Turquoise-browed Motmot which is a wonderful consolation prize.
2. Great Curassow - If I had not come home early, I surely would have seen this.
3. Ornate Hawk-Eagle - It's a tough bird to see and we didn't see one.
4. Golden-browed Chlorophonia - Apparently, this bird is now called Blue-crowned Clorophonia. I was one of two people in my group who saw one fly past us. I got a nice look at it in flight. It's neon!
5. Scarlet Macaw - I'll never forget my first sighting of a pair of Scarlet Macaws flying in the distance. They were everywhere in the Punta Leona area. We saw some nesting as well.
6. King Vulture - Missed it again...
7. Yellow-billed Cotinga - We had an incredibly lucky sighting of one flying over the Rio Tarcoles bridge. Our amazing driver, Vernon, spotted it. Great scope views for all!
8. Mangrove Hummingbird - We took a boat tour of the mangroves and were lucky to see this endemic.
9. Giant Cowbird - It has evaded me once more...
10. White-tipped Sicklebill - My biggest regret is not seeing this bird due to not participating in the second leg of the trip.

All-in-all, not such a bad turnout for a very demanding list.


Mary said...

I am glad I visited your blog today! Costa Rica is awesome and I enjoyed your bird watches. I'm really impressed with your red-bellied woodpecker in flight a few post back. Wow. I've seen them in my area but they haven't visited my suet yet. I'm waiting...

Patrick Belardo said...


Thanks for reading. CR IS awesome. I'd like to go back again someday, but there's so much of the world to see. I can't take credit for the RBWP pics. I got them from a forum that I am a member of.