Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Most Wanted Bird List

I'm taking a queue from some other bloggers and posting a list of my most wanted birds for 2007. I've restricted the list to NJ, since who knows where I will be traveling this year.

1. Cape May Warbler - My nemesis bird. I will make my best effort once again.
2. Roseate Tern - Somehow this regular visitor to NJ has eluded me. I will try again.
3. Arctic Tern - This bird does not visit regularly, but can be seen periodically in NJ. If I do a late summer pelagic, I have a chance at this and #2.
4. Dovekie - *drool*
5. Hudsonian Godwit - Again, a regular visitor to NJ, but very sporadic. Who knows when one will turn up?
6. Ross's Goose - A rare, but annual, visitor to NJ.
7. Cackling Goose - This bird should be easy. I just need to get off of my butt and find one.
8. Henslow's Sparrow - Seemingly annual visitor to NJ nowadays. I'd love to see this skulker after trying several times in the past.
9. Barn Owl - There here in NJ. I just need to keep searching.
10. Black Rail - They're out there somewhere...


Anonymous said...

Most of those are pretty high on my wish list, too, except for the two I have seen.

Supposedly one should be able to find a Cackling Goose in any large (i.e., 500+ bird) flock of Canada Geese. But my experience is that this is not always the case.

Jimmy said...

Cool list...I have never seen any of these.

Patrick Belardo said...

Hey Jimmmy,

I hope you'll get a chance to see all of these birds!

LauraHinNJ said...

Do you mean Pete hasn't found you a Ross's yet?

I left a comment on your barn owl post the other day, but it vanished. There used to be one at Brig.

Patrick Belardo said...

I wonder if that bird is still at Brig. I've heard rumours of sightings there, but nothing consistent. There are 2 nest boxes at Island Beach too, but they've both been empty for a while (one doesn't have a roof!).

And no Ross's yet... Pete's helped me with plenty of other life birds though.