Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Year-in-Review Meme

I'm continuing a meme that John from Birds Etcetera posted (the originator is Faux Real). The idea is to go through your monthly archives and post the first sentence of the first post of each month for this year. I started my blog in April, so I don't have a whole year's worth. Here we go!

Someone recently asked me this question... why bird? MORE

Living in a condominium community in suburban NJ has its ups and down. MORE

I'll admit it - My heart doesn't lie solely in the avian world. MORE

Beth and I are off to Georgia tonight until next Thursday. MORE

Sorry for the delay in writing... Beth and I took her brother to Boston for his 18th b-day. MORE

Anyone who lives in the suburbs is familiar with the huge shopping centers that pop up every 2-3 months in any open space available. MORE

I had a special guest birding with me at Sandy Hook this morning - Mike from 10,000 Birds. MORE

I put up a feeder a little over a week ago and I finally got a visitor on Sunday. MORE

First off, let me say that I in no way approve of the actions of the people in this video. MORE

Please continue this meme! It's easy and interesting.