Monday, December 04, 2006


The only cetaceans we saw on the pelagic on Sunday were several large groups of Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis). I have seen dolphins from shore in the past, but there's nothing quite like watching them leap out of the water alone or in a synchronized group. The key field mark on a Common Dolphin is an hourglass shape on the side. Check out the video I took below. You have to wait for the end for the payoff.


Susan Gets Native said...

Nice, Patrick! Worth the wait to the end.
You lucky thing. I have only seen dolphins at the aquarium in Chicago. We even took a "dolphin" cruise on our honeymoon in Scotland, and failed to see any.
Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Patrick Belardo said...

I've heard that's how the whale watching cruises are from Cape May too. You see a whale 1 out of every 10 trips. Come to NJ for a pelagic sometime! We had people from Ohio on our trip actually. They had some big time lister with them who needed Great Skua for his life list. I think he was well over 700 species for the ABA area.