Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Few Random Thoughts

Sorry for the delay in writing... Beth and I took her brother to Boston for his 18th b-day. He's a big Red Sox fan and we saw them beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (worst sports team name in the world) in 11 innings. We didn't get to do anything nature-related and I passed on an attempt at the nearby Black-tailed Godwit at Parker River NWR. It hadn't been reported in a few days, so I passed. It hasn't been reported since Sat., so I don't feel so bad. Just some random notes for today:

Two Yankees Fans Being Incognito

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Dana said...

That story about the hawk enrages me...especially since I was just talking with one of my neighbors regarding cruelty to animals, etc. It seems that a woman who lives across the street from our building has taken to swinging her dog around on its leash. We've reported her twice, and I believe the dog was finally taken from her and placed into a nearby shelter (which also saddens me, but it's obviously the better choice). What the hell is wrong with people???