Sunday, August 06, 2006

East Brunswick Butterfly Park

I spent an hour this morning at the East Brunswick Butterfly Park. This park just celebrated its 3 year anniversary, but this was the first time I've been there. What a shame that I haven't been before! This place is awesome. I had assumed it was a small area of butterfly nectaring plants, but it turns out that is is huge! There are tons of butterfly nectar and food plants including milkweed, butterfly bush, bee-balm, mints, and some wild meadows with Queen Anne's Lace and Goldenrod. The full list of butterflies is below along with some pictures. I also found a few dragonflies including Blue Dasher, Prince Baskettail, and Black Saddlebags.

Butterfly list:
Tiger Swallowtail
Cabbage White
Pearl Crescent
Red-banded Hairstreak
Silver-Spotted Skipper
Peck's Skipper
Zabulon Skipper
Tawny-edged Skipper
Northern Broken-Dash

A small part of the park

Zabulon Skipper

Red-Banded Hairstreak - a real beauty!

Peck's Skipper


Anita Gould said...

Saw the pointer to your blog on the NJ Nature Notes email. The Butterfly Park has been one of my favorite places this past summer. Nice photos -- the Red-banded Hairstreak photo is a gem!

chaindropz said...

Nice photos.