Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Wood Duck Hotel

So this week the flood damage to our house from January 3 is finally being fixed. It took several months of battling with the condo association's insurance, my insurance, and my neighbor's insurance to finally start the work. While the damage is being fixed, we get to stay at the Hilton Homewood Suites. The logo of this hotel is a Wood Duck and it's prevalent throughout the hotel. It's on the towels, a pillow, all of the signs, etc. I just hope I don't encounter duck on the dinner menu. We've been there since Sunday night and it's been an adventure - no hot water on Monday, smoke alarm this morning, a big 18-wheeler parked behind Beth's car preventing her from leaving... fun! I shouldn't complain too much. In general, the hotel is nice, relatively new, and clean. I also had a nice view of a Turkey Vulture circling low over the parking lot on Monday and a horde of Juncos outside our window. And, no, I didn't pick the hotel because of the logo! Well, maybe.


Jochen said...

I think people/institutions/companies who use animals or plants as their logo or in advertisement should be obligued to frequently donate a certain amount of money towards the conservation of that species, like the German airline Lufthansa sponsors Crane conservation in Germany.
Aaand, you should get Beth a small sports car so she can just exit her parking space by driving under the 18-wheeler next time something like this happens :-)
glad to read your condo is finally getting fixed.

John said...

I hope the repairs are finished quickly and without any complications.

Susan Gets Native said...

You know, our basement flooded when I was pregnant with Isabelle. It must be a THING, flooding and pregnancy.

Why can't insurance just be easy. You pay your premiums, they pay you when it's needed.

I agree with Jochen. Homewood could be the leaders in wood duck conservation!
And a tiny little car for Beth would be very cute. Until the baby comes. :)
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