Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hilarious commercial

Being in a hotel and without our DVR, we're forced to watch commercials. I found this Life Alert commercial particularly funny. Note: I didn't put in the title on the Youtube video. I know how to spell "its."


Susan Gets Native said...

That is so creepy on so many levels.
So your HOUSE will TALK to you? No freakin' way I would get that.

Anonymous said...

How about "Life Bird Alert"? A voice comes on in your room, wakes you up, and says: "Hey Patrick! Ivory Gull just found at Sandy Hook. Get out of your home NOW!"


"Slaty-back Gull at Brigantine. Patrick, we're sending a car over to pick you up in 15 minutes. Don't forget your scope."

Definitely a market for that! ;)


John W.

Patrick Belardo said...

@Susan - Seriously!

@John - You're a genius!!! I'm surprised the UK twitchers don't have that yet.

Mel said...