Thursday, March 05, 2009

Can't you hear my heartbeat?

Ugh... I've been a lazy blogger lately. So, we got to hear Baby B's heartbeat on Tuesday. The doctor used her weird little device which looked like a Fisher Price Tape Player to listen for the baby's heartbeat. It took a good 2-3 minutes to find it. The doppler device made some weird sounds along the way, sort of like a dragon growling. I tried to convince Beth we were having a dragon baby, but she wasn't going for it. Then it hit paydirt and we heard the speedy heartbeat of a 12 week old fetus. We're about 2 months away from finding out the sex. Very exciting. Unfortunately, Beth's been really sick with a constant cough. Hopefully, she'll feel better soon. It's been rough.

In other news, no, I haven't been birding in a while. This weekend!


Susan Gets Native said...

Is that thrilling or what? Little a tiny horse galloping.

Feel better soon, Beth!

Patrick Belardo said...

That's exactly how the OB described it!

Owlman said...

Sorry to hear about Beth being ill - that's really rough during pregnancy. Hopefully with the weather warming up she's get over the cough. Where you going birding?

Mel said...

So cool to hear the heartbeats!!
I hope Beth is feeling better :(

Patrick Belardo said...

Thanks everyone. This cough has been tough for Beth to shake. She's been to several doctors and an allergist, but no one has found the sure-fire cure.