Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day at My Work

Did your company do anything special for Earth Day today? My company hosted an Earth Day Fair in our cafeteria. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights:

1. Office Depot was giving out recycled folders and free pens. Unfortunately, each pen came in a plastic bag the size of a sandwich bag!

2. They gave out Marcal recycled toilet paper. It was pretty funny carrying a roll of TP to a meeting. We use the same TP at home. I highly recommend it. It's soft!

3. They had an excellent display on zero VOC and low VOC paint sponsored by Sherwin Williams.

4. They gave out Blue Spruce saplings. Why not something native to NJ?

5. Our landscaping company was giving out seed packets. I asked if they contained all native plants and got a funny look. I picked one up and noticed "Chinese Forget-me-not" on the back and said, "I guess not. I'll pass."

6. Our company's Seek the Source Team, who work to make sure our paper providers use legally obtained and recycled products, was there filming employees talking about why forests are important. I knew ahead of time that they'd be doing this so I prepared a little speech on the boreal forest. I hope it makes it to their web site.

7. I found out the company is working towards a LEED for Existing Buildings certification! Very cool.


John said...

I asked if they contained all native plants and got a funny look.

I guess that hadn't occurred to them.

mon@rch said...

Happy Earth Day and at least we know their has been some kind of learning out of this!