Tuesday, February 05, 2008

PBS Programs on Birds this month

Keep an eye on your local PBS stations. They are running several bird-related programs on our local Ch. 13 this month:

Sunday, Feb. 10 @ 8:00pm: The premiere of Nature's Crash: A Tale of Two Species about horseshoe crabs and the red knots

Sunday, Feb. 24 @ 8:00pm: A rerun of Nature's Raptor Force - cameras on raptors in flight

Tuesday, Feb. 26 @ 8:00pm: Nova: The Four-winged Dinosaur about the four-winged dinosaur and the origin of bird flight

And might I add that PBS has a pretty nice web site. Thanks to my friend Janet for bringing these programs to my attention.

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Anonymous said...

Microraptor on the 26th. This is a very cool critter 4 wings and claws and teeth enough to take on T.Rex