Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 10 Nature Moments of 2007

Tai Haku of Earth, Wind & Water had this great idea for a "Top 10 Nature Moments of 2007" meme. Here are mine. I included a few pics I've never used before. Thanks to my friend Tina for the pics!

10. Watching White-faced Capuchin monkeys eat bananas and other fruits right next to our breakfast table in Costa Rica.

9. Riding on a boat through the mangroves of Costa Rica. I had never been in a mangrove before and they are truly special.

8. Dawn at Bosque del Apache NWR - hundreds of geese, cranes, and a lone Bald Eagle.

7. Getting my 500th ABA life bird - MONK PARAKEET!

6. The World Series of Birding is always an awesome time...

5. Watching Planet Earth

4. Waking up to a Swainson's Thrush singing outside our window
2. Hiking up Wakely Mountain with Mike, Corey, and Will to see a Bicknell's Thrush. Good companionship, great birds, and beautiful scenery.
1. Seeing an Ivory Gull in Piermont, NY


tai haku said...

Great list Patrick! Thanks for joining in. Rather jealous of your cranes - always had a bit of a thing for them after reading Matthiessen's(?) Birds of Heaven but never seen a wild one.

dguzman said...

Nice--soooo jealous of your travels. Very cool.