Wednesday, December 12, 2007

That's a lot of geese!

Snow Geese (and maybe a Ross's Goose or four) at dawn at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. It was really dang cold. Too bad our handwarmers didn't kick in until we got in the car to leave.


Lynne said...

That must have been a really neat thing to see and experience.

T.R. said...

Great video! Captures the moment perfectly. Could you believe how cold it gets! Congrats on IAB #64.


Owlman said...

I had my 8 month old son outside yesterday when a flock of Canada Geese flew over calling as they went. He started bopping and weaving like he does when we play music...really cute. Personally I don't think their call isn’t very melodic, but I guess music is in the ear of the beholder. This is a long way of saying great video!

mon@rch said...

that is way more geese that I think I have ever seen before in my life! WOW! Hope no one had any presents drop from the sky?

Patrick Belardo said...

It was indeed!

It was amazingly cold! I had layers on and it still chilled me to the bone. People assume NM is warm!

That's great!

There were actually several groups like that that passed over. It was quite the spectacle. Add to that several hundred cranes standing in the field... pretty cool.

dguzman said...

So those handwarmer things really work? Who knew!?

There's supposed to be a place near Lancaster that gets up to 10K snow geese in the spring--I'm definitely going down there next year!

BTW, I tagged ya--you can play or not, up to you. Please see my birding blog for details.

Patrick Belardo said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it after this all-day meeting I'm in.