Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photo problems

Please pardon the broken photo links. I had stored a bunch of photos on an old web server I'm no longer using and now need to move them to my new domain. In the meantime, check out the large number of articles about Christmas Bird Counts on Google!


Anonymous said...

Patrick - now that you have your new domain, have you considered switching to Wordpress? Not that it doesn't have its problems and quirks, but it's a pretty good blogging system.

- Birdfreak

Patrick B. said...

BF, I took a look at it in the past. I may have to re-consider it. Hosting the blog on blogger and also trying to host other files (audio, pictures) on the same domain name doesn't seem to work. The domain can't point to blogger and a web server at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I am a wordpress person and love it! They host my domain and don't have any problems at all! Although I am very happy that I started hosting my pictures on flickr (that code doesn't change iwth the domain change).