Saturday, November 18, 2006

Suet Success

Last week I decided to give my suet feeder another week to attract something and then I'd give up on it. Well, it finally came through today! This guy was on the feeder this morning.

I had never seen a Downy Woodpecker in our yard, so I'd like to think the feeder attracted this male here.

Who are you sticking your tongue out at? Woodpeckers have really long tongues for feeding on insects in the hole they make in trees, so this is probably only a small portion of his tongue.


MojoMan said...

Great photos! I've never seen a woodpecker's tongue.

Susan Gets Native said...

A woodpecker's tongue is so long that it wraps around their skulls inside.
He's giving you the raspberry, Patrick. He knew you were about to take the feeder down.

Beth said...

It was so cool to see that woodpecker at our feeder!

Patrick Belardo said...

Only one person would dare give me the raspberry (random Spaceballs quote)

mon@rch said...

This is great that it made it to your suet feeder! Souldn't be long and it will be there daily!

Patrick Belardo said...

Hi Monarch,

Thanks for commenting. He's been coming every day since that day! It's been great. We've got two more blocks of suet so we're ready to keep feeding him.

dguzman said...

I'd never seen a woodpecker either until I put up a suet feeder--now I've seen downies every day, plus a white-breasted nuthatch. Two lifers, right outside my backdoor! My questions:
1. what kind of suet tastes best to woodpeckers and nuthatches?
2. how fast should a suet block disappear with regular visits from 2-3 birds?

I've seen them around, but the peanut-packed suet seems to be going very slowly. I want them to LOVE coming to my yard. What's the best stuff? Thanks!