Thursday, November 16, 2006

"The Onion" on Birds

One of my favorite web sites is The Onion. In case you haven't seen it, it's a mock news site full of stories, editorials, polls, and horoscopes all packaged in a nice "tongue-in-cheek" fashion. Very few sites give me laugh out loud moments like this one. Here's a list of their bird-related articles:

State Bird Reconsidered After Latest Wren Attack

Bird Arthritis Epidemic Largely Ignored

Bird’s Nest 65 Percent Cigarette Butts

Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

Sparrow Aviation Administration Blames Collision On Failure To Detect Pane Of Glass

Greenpeace Decides Northern Spotted Owl 'Not Worth The Trouble Anymore'

Mockingbird Imitates Car Alarm Perfectly

Souter Hopes Roberts Is Into Birds


Dana said...

You forgot my favorite, which was entitled "Owls are Assholes." :o)

Patrick Belardo said...

Oh yeah!!! I could only find the picture from it, not the actual article.

-llm. said...

Love it. Thanks for the laughs! And, I'm so GLAD that someone is finally recognizing the danger from Wrens. Whew! The world will be a safer place! :)

Mike said...

Is there any site more consistently funny than The Onion?