Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeder Update

One of the problems with working full time this time of year is that one can't spend as much time feeder watching as one would like to. I see the feeder for a few minutes each morning and then that's it! Our feeder has so far attracted a pair of Tufted Titmice, several White-throated sparrows, a few Juncos, and a hideous pair of House Sparrows. I came home early today from work and Beth arrived about the same time. We walked up towards the feeders and spooked up a couple White-throats. Then I heard a distinct YANK-YANK. A little White-breasted Nuthatch was bouncing down our oak tree! Who doesn't love a nuthatch? I had never heard or seen one in our neighborhood, so this was a nice sight. Its actions were pretty funny. It would climb down the tree headfirst and then pick seed off the ground while still suspended on the tree! Where was my camera?!

Nothing seems to be coming to our suet feeder. Maybe the nuthatch will like it. If nothing comes to it within a week or two, I'll swap it out for a peanut feeder.


LauraHinNJ said...

I got a new suet feeder this year - it looks like a log and you use those suet plugs in it. Kind of neat. So far just the downies are using it and the starlings haven't figured it out, yet.

I have loads of house sparrows coming to the peanut feeder - you're lucky to just have a pair.

Susan Gets Native said...

I have too many darn HOSP too.
You have a nice crowd coming to the feeders, Patrick. Don't worry...if you put them up, they will come.

Patrick Belardo said...

I didn't realize HOSPs went for the peanuts. Are they shelled or unshelled? Does that make a difference?

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure the HOSPs will tell their friends and I'll have even more birds coming.

Beth said...

The feeder is really helping me learn more about birds. I'm so glad you put it up.

KViz said...

I have begrudgingly learned to like my HOSPs' (all 22 regulars)! I think they are good advertising, as I still get many other different species.

I wouldn't give up on the suet just yet... mine get more active as it gets colder. Without snow cover, there is still a lot of natural food around.