Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Birding Basher?

Some uppity blogger decided to post a message blasting birdwatchers, specifically the male ones. Take a look. Maybe someone can teach him to spell "feminine". It seems like he has a whole room full of axes to grind.


Susan Gets Native said...

I read some of his posts, and it's scary. I think he needs professional help. Twisted.

And I left a comment (had to, it was too crazy!) and I guess we will see if he responds to it. He reminds me of "Ivory-Bill Skeptic". Living in a world of his own making.

John said...

The comments indicate that he was banned from other sites. He must be a really charming fellow.

Anonymous said...

A "retired magician" finds birders odd.... Hm.

dguzman said...

I'm with Susan--that guy's a nut! I just say a big "WHATEVER" to him and his rantings.

Anonymous said...

In another life I was a magicians assistant. I even dated a few. Based on my experience, that's not a group that should be accusing birders of being overly feminine.

How masculine was Doug Henning in his shiny spandex pants?

Patrick Belardo said...

I haven't checked, but I'm SURE he responded. He's a "gotta get the last word in" kind of guy.

Yeah, I saw that in the comments too. He's a real personality.

Hehehe, I can't agree more with you on that one!

Spandex, puffy shirts, silly hats, and a wand... 'nuff said. And please post pictures from that other life! :)

Beth said...

You should, "...go up to his fluffy butt..." and kick it! He's a serious loon (no pun intended). :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I think I'd stay away from that. Far away!

Anonymous said...

There are photos from a Jerry Lewis Telethon with some mighty big hair locked deep in my Mother's closet.

Keith Dowling said...

Honestly, I think you should delete the link to this guy's blog. He seems like the kind of (word not safe for a family blog) who gets off on people getting angry with him. If everyone ignored him, maybe he'll go away.
He needs a haircut too.

Patrick Belardo said...


I agree on the haircut. I'll leave the post for now, just because I don't like deleting posts. I also trust that readers won't fall into his trap.

Sabres fan eh? When I wear my non-birding attire, it's always Rangers blue. :) Sabres are unreal this year though.

keith Dowling said...

I've waited a LONG time for my Sabres to have this kind of year. We'll see how they do in the Spring...
Still unsure of the new jerseys though. I have the old-school blue and yellow sticker on my car. Gets a lot of odd reactions here on Long Island.

Roger B. said...

What a silly tit.

Anonymous said...

Lets do lunch. Maybe you can show me some new pictures of your little tweety birds.
I am sure the villiage would be appropriot for you