Friday, June 02, 2006

Can I be the next Jeff Corwin?

If I could pick any one job, I would be a TV host like Jeff Corwin. I would have a show similar to his, but it would be focused on the birds of the world. I would give people tips on the best places to go and show them some of the best birds found in those places. I think I would make a pretty good host, although I'm known to talk too quickly. I could work on that though. It sounds like it would be a great job: travel, educating people, birding, new foods... all the things I love. Anyway, enough rambling...

I recently attended a workshop at work on how to put video on the web using Adobe Premiere. I had taken some videos with my digital camera while in Costa Rica, so I figured I could practice on those. So here are the fruits of my labor. These require Windows Media Player 9 or above to run. They are streaming so they should download quickly for anyone with a DSL/Cable connection or better. Perhaps these (very short) videos are a start to my Jeff Corwin career. Maybe I should have made some voiceovers for them in a cool host voice... hmm... that'll take a bit of practice. In any event, enjoy the videos!

Violet Sabrewing - A hunker of a Hummingbird visits a feeder. Check out the height we were at through the trees in the background.

Rancho Naturalista - Two different shots taken from the deck at RN. The first shows White-necked Jacobins. The second shows 2 Green-breasted Mangoes and 1 Green-crowned Brilliant.

La Georgina - A small roadside restaurant that had a very strange toilet, but gave you super close views of great hummingbirds. The acrobatic one is a Magnificent Hummingbird and the one looking through the window is a Fiery-throated Hummingbird - a real crowd-pleaser.


MojoMan said...

Very cool videos. Thanks! I'm beginning to think I'll have to visit Costa Rica one of these days.

Patrick Belardo said...

I can't recommend the place enough. I had such a wonderful time. The accomodations were great, maybe a little rustic at times, but not bad in any way. I never felt like I was in danger or anything. And the food... awesome.

Kreg E. said...

And I thought I was the only person who wanted to host a bird show ;) Soooo...interested in a co-host?

Congrats on 475!!! I just hit that same pinnacle with a combined Hatteras Pelagic (7 new species) and a few very cooperative Black-throated Blue Warblers in western NC.

Keep up the great BLOG!

Patrick Belardo said...

Sure Kreg, you can be my trusty sidekick! If Animal Planet comes calling, I'll give you a shout.