Monday, January 26, 2009

USDA Killing Starlings in NJ

Starlings were almost literally falling out of the sky in Franklin Township, NJ over the weekend (about two towns away from The Hawk Owl's Nest). The USDA poisoned some starlings in an effort to control their populations and didn't bother to really tell anyone. I can't believe there's actually a chemical referred to as starlicide!

I'll be posting about our great weekend in Massachusetts over the next day or two. It was PHE-NOM-E-NAL!


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Will said...

Rumor has it, NYS is doing similar projects around Albany. The one thing about Avicide is it does not discriminate. Sure the goal is to kill Starlings, but any and all birds caught in it will perish as well. And while it may not be harmful if your pet fido eats the dead bird (which I can't believe), if you local Crow, Raven, Hawk or Owl eats one of the dead or dying birds, they too will perish. Are starlings really that big of a health threat?