Sunday, January 04, 2009

Quick CBC Results and a Flood

We had a fantastic Long Branch Christmas Bird Count yesterday tallying 124 species - 2 more than last year. Our group did ok. We had a SLOW afternoon doing mostly land birding due to all of our ponds being frozen. I'll do a more thorough report later. I came home last night to Beth running up the stairs to knock on our upstairs neighbor's door. Somehow our neighbor left her kitchen faucet running and flooded her kitchen and, in turn, ruining the sheetrock in our kitchen and living room. Lovely. We were all set to put in some hardwood floors this month and put it up for sale. Then, to top it all off, there's something wrong with our parakeet Amelia and she's having a lot of trouble gaining altitude while flying. Her partner Roger is taking good care of her, but it's so sad.

More results of the CBC soon!


John said...

I hope you can get that problem resolved quickly.

N8 said...

Small world. Our neighbors had a pipe explode when it got really cold a couple days ago. Time will tell if it will effect our walls but so far, so good.

That stinks, hope it isn't too much of a hassle.