Thursday, July 24, 2008

I & The Bird #80

Marv Michaels: Welcome all readers to the first ever I & The Bird Summer Olympics here in sunny Piscataway, New Jersey. Marv Michaels here!

Al Cosell: And I'm Al Cosell. Marv, I'm surprised that they've never had the Olympics here in Piscataway.

Marv: Well, there's a reason for that Al... this place is pretty darn boring!

Al: Ok then! Let's get started with the opening ceremonies. We have quite a few events this year and representatives from across the globe participating in each of them. Our events this year include Trip Reports, Biology, Conservation, Yard Birding, and Close Encounters with Nature.

Marv: Those are just terrific events Al. I can't wait to see what each participant brings to the table. Let's get started!

Al: We're going to introduce the participants of each event as they make their way around Piscataway Municipal stadium for the opening ceremonies. First up is the Trip Reports event - a challenging, but always fun, event each year. Our first participant has traveled far to be here. All the way from far northern Canada comes Clare of The House and Other Arctic Musings with Nyah nyah nyah, you can't see me.

Marv: From further west in Canada, but not as far north, it's Susannah of The Wanderin' Weeta. In exploring her neighborhood, she discovered Two Doves and a Dragon.

Al: Boy, those two came pretty far.

Marv: But not as far as our next blog-athlete. Amila of Galicissa is representing the great nation of Sri Lanka in this event with his wonderful story and photos in Confessions of a Peak Dodger.

Al: Rumor has it that he has some dragonfly pictures up his sleeve!

Marv: It's an unprecendented year for Sri Lanka. Another participant from this great land is Kalu Sudda from Kalusudda Comments with Of Birds and Promises to Galicissa.

Al: Isn't this event a wonderful way to learn the bird-related happenings around the world?

Marv: It sure is, Al. And here comes a daring duo from down under - Duncan from Ben Cruachan Blog and Gouldiae from Gouldiae's Blog are bringing the heavy weapons with their reports of a trip they made together in Jack Smith Lake Birds and Parrot Survey respectively.

Al: Stiff competition indeed Marv! Oh boy, here we have an interesting competitor. Although he hails from the US, David of Search & Serendipity is representing Australia in Oz From Top to Bottom but is living in the Solomon Islands temporarily. How does he do it?

Marv: Australia sure is represented well in this event. Here comes Mick of Sandy Straits and Beyond flashing his Australian flag. He's telling his tale of Noosa River Birding - July.

Al: Wow Marv! It's going to be quite the battle in the Trip Reports event. And the field of participants gets deeper! Here comes Gavin Bieber of The Wingbeat: The WINGS Birding Blog. He's Off to Southeast Asia as soon as the event ends.

Marv: And our only UK participant in this event is the world-traveling Charlie from 10,000 Birds. His tale of So How’d Abuja Suit Ya? is an intriguing one.

Al: It sure is. That Charlie is hard to keep track of sometimes. And last but not least, here comes the American team for the Trip Reports event. First we have, Nathan from The Drinking Bird. He's telling us about the time In which I get crabs.

Marv: Boy, I hope that's not what it sounds like.

Al: Here's a newcomer to the I & The Bird Olympics. It's Leah of Bluebird of Friendliness who had a great field trip where she found Love at the Salt Marsh. Let's hope this isn't the last time we see her!
Marv: For sure, Al! And here we have a latecomer to the games, it's Drew from The Nemesis Bird.
Al: While quite a nemesis bird for him, he does have a nice tale of a White Ibis at the flats.

Marv: Our last participant in this event is the ever-wandering, Paul of the Wandering Tattler. I understand that at next year's event, he'll be coming to us from Montana, but for this year he's making one last run at Arizona in Madera Revisited... One Last Time.

Al: Whew, that is some group of participants in that event and each one of them has some wonderful work to share.

Marv: What's next Al? Oh wait, it's our Bird Biology event. Some of the best amateur and professional biologists around are here to share their findings. I know I'm excited.

Al: Hang on to your pantyhose there, Marv.

Marv: HEY! Anyway, first up we have the US contingent. Here's talented artist Carel from Rigor Vitae. He tells us When the Going Gets Tough, The Tufts Get Going.

Al: Next in the cavalcade is John at A DC Birding Blog who presentes us with some insights on the Evolution of the Wood Warblers.

Marv: You gotta love those warblers!

Al: Yes indeed.

Marv: Also representing the US is one of our veteran competitors: Grrlscientist. For this event, she's Singing the Praises of Mr. Personality.

Al: And here's our last US athlete, Nick of Biological Ramblings. Some may deny that blogging is not athletic, but once you read Nick's report entitled Ramblings of a Field Biologist, you will not think so.

Marv: So what does a Bee-eater do after a meal? That's what our lone Singapore representative in this year's games is asking and he's showing us the answer. Here he is, it's YC from the Bird Ecology Study Group.

Al: And here comes our lone Canadian participant in this event. It's Gavan from Gavan Central. Gavan shares with us that Acadian flycatchers prefer the country to the city to nest.

Marv: What excellent contributions to these Olympics in that category. Up next is the Conservation event. This event has become more and more popular and more important from year to year.

Al: It certainly is, Marv. It's my favorite event. First in line in our parade of bloggers is Nick of the US from The Birdist. He's discussing Birds and Offshore Wind Energy 2.

Marv: Next up it's the always fun Susan from Susan Gets Native. Her contribution to this year's events is Starring Susan... Oops, one of her owls just pooped on her shoe.

Al: Do I smell coffee?

Marv: Indeed you do, here comes US team member BirdBarista of Coffee & Conservation. Always a champion for conservation, she wants us to Know your coffee birds: Blue-crowned Motmot.

Al: Those Motmots are a favorite of mine and I'm sure most birders feel the same.

Marv: Our last American team member for this event is Dave from Bird TLC. Not only does he run a great rehab clinic, but he had the pleasure of attending the 2008 Midnight Sun Intertribal Pow Wow to release an eagle.

Al: Midnight sun? I hope it's not as hot there as it is here in New Jersey!

Marv: I'm sure it's cooler than it is here. Speaking of cooler places, a great champion of conservation in Jeff Wells of the Boreal Bird Blog tells us why 300 Million Birds Say "Thanks"

Al: Wow, listen to those cheers for all of these Conservation participants!

Marv: And here come the participants for our next event - Yard Birding!

Al: Here's the American team in theie red, white, and blue. First up, it's Rick Wright of Aimophila Adventures with A New Feeder, Greatly Appreciated.

Marv: A new feeder is always a great thing. Oh and here's the Born Again Birdwatcher. During our last Olympics, he might have just been simply a Birdwatcher. He's been exploring his yard and Pondering Subspecies of Steller's Jay.

Al: Also from the US, here's Larry, the Backyard Birdman. A lucky competitor indeed, he has a contingent of Ash-throated Flycatchers Coming Back In Numbers in his yard.

Marv: That's a great yard bird. Speaking of interesting yard birds... Representing Sri Lanka by way of Australia, here's Sasani with A Bird's Tale.

Al: Wow, I am really impressed with the number of participants from Sri Lanka and Australia in this year's Olympic games.

Marv: Definitely Al! The lone Canada team member is Seabrooke from The Marvelous in Nature. She knows someone up north who has Pink Flamingos for the Yard. I'm talking about the real thing, not the plastic ones.

Al: Too crazy Marv! Last but certainly not least in this event comes a blog-athlete from a mysterious tropical paradise. It's none other than Tai Haku of Earth, Wind, and Water with some Owl News.

Marv: And our last great event is a new event this year - Close Encounters with Nature.

Al: Oh that sounds like it'll be fun to see. And here come the participants out of the tunnel. First up, from the US, is Nina from Nature Remains. A veteran participant in these Olympics and a vivid writer, she's sure to be a contender with her story of Hit and Run.
Marv: Next up on the US team is Beverly at Behind the Bins. Her Pied-billed Grebe story is part photography and part humor.
Al: Her story is quite funny, albeit a bit scary. Here comes the wonderful artist Pam at Low Country WILD Nature Art & Journaling. She's a new member to the American team and she shares her Close Encounter with a Swallow-tailed Kite.

Marv: And our last US team member for this event is Liza Lee from It's Just Me. She shares a lovely tale about helping an injured bird in Wordless Wednesday with birds and words!

Al: It's a lovely story for sure.
Marv: I wonder why we only have the US team competing in this event?

Al: I'm not sure Marv, but I hope we get more and more countries participating next time. All of you viewers out there be sure to tell your friends about the I & The Bird Olympics! And as is always the case with these Olympics, the winners are the readers and the bloggers.

Marv: Well folks, that concludes our opening ceremony parade of bloggers. Up next is our requisite semi-famous music performance from a local act that only sells albums in the host country. It's New Jersey's own The Nerds! I hope you all enjoyed the opening ceremonies of the first, and probably only, I & The Bird Olympics!
I hope you guys enjoyed my silly take on I and the Bird. The next edition will be on the Marvelous in Nature on August 7. Send your link to Mike or Seabrooke (sanderling AT symbiotic DOT ca) by Tuesday, August 5.


nina said...

Nice job, Patrick!
It certainly has become an international event, and your Olympic references remind us of our united interests, though countries apart.

I always enjoy browsing the contributors' entries--and admire the effort it must take to get it all together.

The Ridger, FCD said...

I managed to totally miss it, being away and busy at a conference, but you've put together a wonderful edition! Can't wait to get enough time to read it.

John said...

Great edition, Patrick!

Gallicissa said...

Great IATB Patrick!
Happy to be part of the first ever I and the Bird summer Olympics with a big enough contingent!

Can't wait to explore the links.

Dave said...

Nice job, P.

Anonymous said...

What an honor to be mentioned on the list, Bird summer Olympics at that. Never thought this will happen to me when I started reading Gallicissa! Thanks to all the nice people!

Beth said...

Great job, Babe!

Anonymous said...

Even the Romanian judge gives it a 10.0!

Great job Patrick.

wolf21m said...

The olympics always seem to draw a crowd and this is no different. What a fabulous presentation with an impressive list of participants. Thanks for all of the hard work.

slybird said...

A Gold-medal-worthy post!

"And here's our last US athlete, Nick of Biological Ramblings. Some may deny that blogging is athletic, but once you read Nick's report entitled Ramblings of a Field Biologist, you will not think so."

Haha... so are you saying I am athletic, or not, for sitting around all week watching birds? :P

Patrick Belardo said...

Thanks everybody! It was fun.

Sorry Nick!!! I was missing a "not" in there. You are an athlete for sure for your perseverance!

Pam said...

Wow! Great job Patrick! I happy to be a part of this olympic edition!

Trevor said...

Great job as usual with this carnival. I was disappointed that I didn't qualify for the Australian Team due to a technicality (no access to the internet - computer problems). I am determined to be competing next time.

Sasani said...

Hey, this is a nice concept. Good job!
It's my first time and hope I'll be able to contribute to this in the future too!
And special thanks to Gallicissa for dragging me into this :)

Duncan said...

Good one Patrick, congrats from the Aussie team!

N8 said...

Great job Patrick.

But it just doesn't seem like the Olympics to me without Jim Nantz.

I'm only half-kidding.... : )

Anonymous said...

Gold medals all around! We are ALL winners! Can't wait to read each and every post. Just like the real Olympics, I root for everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever, clever. I love your theme and look forward to reading everybody's posts. Thanks for hosting. Good job!

Larry Jordan said...

Hey Patrick,

Great job on the carnival! A very thoughtful and enjoyable "pre-olympic" intro leading up to the games. I haven't had time to read everyones links yet but I will this week.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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