Thursday, July 10, 2008

I & The Bird 3rd Anniversary

Wow, it's hard to believe that I & The Bird has reached its third anniversary. Thanks to Charlie from 10,000 Birds for pulling together this edition. Be sure to read through his eloquent and thought-provoking answer to the "Why do I still blog?" question. Also, congrats to Mike from 10,000 Birds, a bird blogging pioneer in many ways, on a successful creation.

For those of you interested in the next edition of I & The Bird, I am hosting it! So please send your bird-related posts to me at pbelardo (AT) yahoo by Tuesday, July 22.


Jim Johnson said...

Great Blog! I have been selling real estate in Bend Oregon since 1981 but just started birding a few years ago. We are lucky enough to have a nesting pair of Lewis Woodpeckers in a nest box in our back yard. It was installed by Dean Hale of the East Cascades Bird Conservancy. Good birding!

Patrick Belardo said...

Jim, that's a fantastic bird to have in your yard! Wow! I'm jealous. That's a bird I'd really love to see. Thanks for reading.