Sunday, June 22, 2008

Burning Hawk Starts Vineyard Fire

In an unfortunate meeting of two things that I enjoy, a hawk that was ignited by landing on a power line or similar equipment fell to the ground and started a fire in a Sonoma County, California vineyard. Despite it only being a small fire, this incident brings attention to the threat of power lines to birds. The Avian Power Line Interaction Committee has an excellent document on their web site detailing the Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines. This document also gives background information on this issue including history and stats.

Thanks to reader Nick for being this to my attention. Disturbed by this recent news, Nick is working on an effort to bring attention to the issue of birds and power lines. He and a group of volunteers, businesses, and wine makers are looking to make a wine label devoted to the legacy of this bird and share proceeds to help organizations who are working to address the issue of bird/powerline interaction and or bird conservation or recovery causes. I'll keep you posted on any updates to this story. It's not only a great cause, but it'd make a nice addition to my wine label collection.


John said...

That's a freaky story. Most of the power line incidents I read about involve hawks flying into the lines and getting mangled.

Dave said...

It's been an issue for a long time. We get several eagles a year that have been electricuted on power lines.

Nick said...

It has been eye opening for me to learn about how widespread this issue is. At the same time it seems there is alot of good work being done to build awareness and improve the situation.

Thought you would be interested in this USA today article:

Energy is spent to protect birds from threat of power lines (6/23/08)

We'll keep you posted on the progress of the wine label. Thanks much for your support.

-- Nick

N8 said...

Not to be in any way glib about the reality of the situation and the danger of power lines to birds of prey...

But a flaming hawk would be kind of an awesome logo for a rock band or something.

Nick Papadopoulos said...

Patrick- I've been looking forward to this day to let the Hawk Owl's Nest know that the Burning Hawk philanthropic wine brand has taken flight at

We are committed to raising awareness and funds to prevent birds from being killed thru interactions with the energy production and distribution system. We have alot of work ahead of us, but in a few short weeks have made alot of progress in understanding the issues and getting a diverse group of supporters together to make a difference.

It would be an honor to have the Burning Hawk label considered for inclusion in your wine label collection!

Please feel free to contact me for a wine bottle picture or to discuss this project in detail.

Thank you for your support in the early days when this idea was just an egg in the nest. Your original post and words of encouragement meant alot.


Nick Papadopoulos

Melissa said...

Now it is 2010 and countless birds are still electrocuted daily.

Every where I look in SOuthern California, the distribution poles are STILL not avian safe!