Monday, June 02, 2008

Audubon Society of Portland

Black-headed Grosbeak

Last Sunday we visited the Audubon Society of Portland on a somewhat rainy day. Their headquarters is located just outside the city within Forest Park, the largest urban forest reserve in the US. It's a really nice building with a large nature store, many displays, a rehab facility, and feeders! We spent a lot of time watching the feeders there. Here are some of the highlights:

Anna's Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Dark-eyed Junco

Douglas Squirrel


Anonymous said...

Cool! All my local critters! :) (Even though I'm quite aways south of Portland!)

corey said...

Nice shots! Especially that grosbeak. But when do we get to see a Clark's Nutcracker?

Patrick Belardo said...

I guess I could post photos from my Colorado trip of 2006... no Nutcracker for me. We went high and low and everywhere in between. I think they occur further south from where we were. At least, that's my excuse.

dguzman said...

Cool pics! I would be lost out west with all those different birds. I'm barely getting a handle on eastern birds as it is!