Friday, May 09, 2008

Opposable Chums - a film about the World Series of Birding

I always thought the World Series of Birding would make an interesting documentary. Jason Kessler has put one together in the form of Opposable Chums. The film has not yet been released, but you can view the trailer below.

"Opposable Chums" trailer from Laura Guerard on Vimeo.


slybird said...

Sweet. I know Kevin and Fitz... are the others people I should know too?

Patrick Belardo said...

They weren't anyone that I recognized.

elizabird said...

One of them is Frank Gallo. He got a lot of play in Nat Geo also. Cool that was fun.

Thanks for donating to the DE Birdathon! We did our big day and got 167 with no scouting at all. I guess you've heard there is a wood sandpiper mixing things up here. I only wish we would have known one day earlier! We could have had two more birds! As the bobwhite we missed were there serenading the sandpiper! UGH!

I will have them send you a bracelet if you send me your address.

mon@rch said...

Very cool for sure! Would be fun to do the World Series of Birding one of these days!

Jason, said...

The other folks are all World Series participants, and include Don Simonson of The Loggerhead Shrikes, Karen Williams of The Goshawks,Scott Eve and Lenore Keeney from The Sanderlings, and, as you've observed, Frank Gallo of The Cassowaries, and Fitz & Kevin from The Sapsuckers.

And the film is INDEED available. I know because I made it!

Patrick Belardo said...

Thanks for the comment Jason. Congrats on the film! I look forward to seeing it.