Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Armchair Birding and Eagle Prosthetics

My birding lately has been strictly from behind closed doors. I've seen a whopping 8 species of warbler this year! My work schedule has been kicking my butt. Instead of enjoying birds, I get to read everyone's reports. Five Cape May Warblers, Loggerhead Shrike, Wilson's Plover, and FORK-TAILED Flycatcher - all at Sandy Hook in the last two days. Ugh. The World Series this weekend will be my solace. In other news, here's a story about a Bald Eagle getting a prosthetic bill.


Susan Gets Native said...

I know that eagle! She came from Bird TLC in Anchorage.
If they perfect beaks, maybe they can work on building prosthetic wings?

Jochen said...

Regarding birding indoors: welcome to the club!!
Hope your weekend will rock, though! That list of rarities is frustrating, especially as Sandy Hook is your home patch and you can't go.

Texas Travelers said...

somebody has to stay in and doo the work or the world would stop.

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