Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Local Club/Organization Newsletters Online

I posted this to BirdChat this morning:

As I browse around the web, I often find that many state/regional clubs or organizations publish their monthly/quarterly/etc. newsletters or journals online. These publications contain great information on local birds, bird identification, conservation issues, and many things that could be of interest to people outside of those organizations. Is there a web site somewhere that lists links to these publications? If not, do you think a list like that is something that people would find useful? Here are a few examples:

LA Audubon

Tucson Audubon

Point Reyes Bird Observatory



John B. said...

I think that John Trapp occasionally published lists of birding newsletters on his "Birds, Etc" blog, though he has not done so recently. It probably would be good to have a single link list for them. Here are a few from the DC area.

MOS has its newsletters online:

DC Audubon publishes occasional articles (several by me) on its website:

ANS also has newsletter archives:

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you mention the PRBO. We are very fond of that organization. They do really good and important work