Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Contest!

While at the scary library book sale the other day, I picked up an extra copy of one of my favorite birding books: Jack Connor's The Complete Birder. Now, I offer it to you my humble readers. But first, you must pass several trials. Send me the answers to the questions below via email (pbelardo _AT_ by Wednesday, November 21. I will choose a winner randomly from those who get the correct answers.

1. Which bird was once known as Coues' Flycatcher?

2. If I told you that I saw a Blue Grouse in Colorado in 2005, what would that species be called today?

3. Match these birds to their current names:

a. Duck Hawk
b. Sparrow Hawk
c. Pigeon Hawk
d. Marsh Hawk

4. What famous ornithologist once had a captive Ivory-billed Woodpecker wreak havoc on his hotel room?

Not too hard at all I would think. Good luck!

Note: This is a used copy of the book.


John B. said...

I already have one so I won't try answering the questions. The Complete Birder is an excellent book, though. Too bad it's out of print.

Patrick B. said...

It's a shame that it is out of print. An updated version would be a nice addition to the market.

Anonymous said...

I too also have a copy of The Complete Birder but, you questions are very interesting none the less.

Chet said...

Thanks, Just got it in the mail. Great book!!