Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Dragonfly Field Guide Coming

I just read that Ed Lam, author and illustrator of the outstanding Damselflies of the Northeast, has been hired to write a new field guide to the dragonflies of North America for the Peterson Field Guide Series. Ed is chronicling his journey to create this guide in sort of a blog format. It's very interesting reading. Check out Ed's photos and artwork while you're there too. As a big fan of dragonflies, I'm really excited about this. The current guides on the market that cover all of NA aren't very good. Regional guides that use photos have done a great job filling in the holes though. Ed's illustrations in his damselfly guide are amazing and the format is very user friendly. This guide will help turn a lot more people on to the beauty of dragonflies.


John said...

A comprehensive dragonfly guide is long overdue. I am glad to see that the Peterson series is taking this on.

Nuthatch said...

Ed is a cool guy, and the best odonate artist out there. It will be a great guide, I'm sure, to my favorite taxa of insects!

Larry said...

I've got to expand and pick up other guides besides bird field guides.

Patrick Belardo said...

John, I agree completely. The "binoculars" series book has some good text, but LOUSY photos.

Nuthatch, I corresponded with Ed and he is super cool! I can't get enough of the damselfly guide.

Larry, you definitely should! Looking at other stuff keeps me busy when the birds are slow.