Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Get Better at Counting Birds

If you don't get the ABA PEEPS e-Bulletin, written by fellow blogger and birder extraordinaire Rick Wright, you should. The most recent edition has a link to two articles on eBird about how to count birds.

Counting 101

Counting 201

I'll be the first to admit that I don't typically count birds when I'm not doing some type of formal census. Reading these two articles makes me want to count birds more and to record them in eBird.


Larry said...

Thanks-I'll have a look.

Jochen said...

I usually do count birds. It not only offers a good chance of obtaining interesting data on migration patterns, it also adds pleasure to birding by reaching e.g. a new record high count or just impressing others by saying you saw 150.000 birds today.

Patrick Belardo said...


I'm definitely going to do it more. I usually don't do it because I suck at it. Practice will make perfect though.

Jochen said...

Yes, practice is everything. This one fall 10 years ago I was regularly counting geese near a roost site with a friend. On evening I went out to count them while they came in to roost and the next morning - without knowing from each other - my friend went out to count them while they left. There were around 37.000 geese that particular night and both our independent counts were just a few hundred apart, which was pretty good! See, that's also a fun part of birding!

Anonymous said...

I usually count, but sometimes I don't and 90% of the time I report them on e-bird, I figure its one thing an average joe like me can do to help the birds I love to watch.