Friday, June 08, 2007

Anhinga in NJ

While driving south on the Garden State Parkway yesterday evening, I noticed an odd bird circling near a radio tower among some crows. The shape was distinctive - a fan-shaped tail, an long thin neck, and a long, thin, sharp yellow bill. The length of the neck and the shape of the bill and the overall gestalt of the bird separated it easily from a Double-crested Cormorant (which can soar in a similar manner). It was a male Anhinga!

Anhingas are an almost annual vagrant to NJ. This is the first of 2007 to my knowledge. From what I know, the furthest north that they breed is a small population in Virginia. Very cool indeed! This is actually my second sighting of an Anhinga in NJ. During the 2004 World Series of Birding, three birds flew over our group at Sandy Hook.

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Birdfreak said...

That is cool that they wander so far north! I've only seen them in Texas on a trip, they are fantastic birds.