Tuesday, September 05, 2006

10 Things...

John at A DC Birding Blog continued a thread asking people to name 10 things they did to further their interest in birding. Here's my list. It's somewhat chronological:

1. Watched birds at my parents' feeders
2. Met fellow birders who introduced me to the NJ Audubon Society
3. Accidentally attended my first NJ Audubon trip during a spring fallout (40 lifers!)
4. Bought a pair of nice binoculars
5. Bought several field guides
6. Visited all of the local hotspots many times
7. Went to Southeast Arizona with VENT (and several other trips thereafter)
8. Became a monthly volunteer at the Sandy Hook Bird Observatory
9. Participated in Grasslands Breeding Surveys
10. Started leading my own field trips

Please post your own list on your blog and let me know!

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