Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mispronounced, but Funny, Bird Names

Some fellow birders and I were chatting the other day about how people sometimes butcher bird names. I'm not talking about the mispronunciation of "Pileated" or "Parula". I'm talking about the people who refer to the Glaucous Gull as the "GLACIOUS" Gull. Granted, it is a very white gull and "Glacious" does conjure thoughts of white things. It's still a funny thing to hear though.

Upon the sighting of a thrush in the woods, a fellow birder shouted, "Look! A VERY!" A very what? A very confused bunch of birders looking at a Veery, that's what.

Nancy from the Feathered Friend forum mentioned a story of someone who refers to the "Great Blue Herring". I even found a picture of it.

A fellow birder claims to have seen a "Swanson's Hawk" out in the midwest. He even got a picture of this rare bird. Rumor has it that it likes to hang out around microwave towers:

A birder who caught my ear the other day mentioned "Kirkland's Warbler". This must be the generic version of the endangered "Kirtland's Warbler" as sold by Costco.

And I'm sure everyone knows someone who has seen "SCOOTERS" on the ocean. These Scooters have wings and no wheels.

Bob from Feathered Friend forum mentioned the sighting of a "Western TEENAGER". That gave me a chuckle. I miss being a "Summer Teenager", but I'm not sure I was ever a "Scarlet Teenager". Maybe when I spent too much time in the sun...

These are the ones that we came up with. Have any to share?


John said...

"Kirkland's Warbler" could also be named for this guy. I like the great blue herring.

Patrick Belardo said...

Nice one John! The start of the NFL season must have you excited.