Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sungems and Pufflegs and Woodstars - Oh My!

Violet-Crowned Woodnymph (Costa Rica)

Hummingbirds are probably my favorite family of birds. Their brilliant colors, flight style, and the fact that they come so close to you while on feeders makes them a joy to watch. From the super-tiny Bee Hummingbird to the overgrown Giant Hummingbird, hummers come in all shapes and sizes. They also have some of the best names in the bird world. Names like Woodstar, Topaz, Sungem, Brilliant, and Starthroat bring to mind the beauty of these birds.

Surf Birds, a favorite birding site of mine, has put together a wonderful synopsis on hummingbirds with the help of well-known birder Brian Small. The wonderful gallery of over 100 species makes it well worth a visit. Actually, while writing this, I noticed that the picture of Coppery-Headed Emerald on there is actually MY picture! A member of the tour company I went with posted it there I guess. Cool!

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