Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ecomagination? An analysis of GE's new ads

What's with commercials, TV shows, and movies never getting their nature stuff right? We've all probably heard the Common Loon calling in the jungle scene or the scream of the Red-tailed Hawk coming from the gape of some other raptor. During a recent episode of Will & Grace, I saw a commercial for GE's Ecomagination. While I applaud GE's focus on their environmentally conscious innovations, the commercial I saw had a major nature faux pas. The commercial itself is highly entertaining, featuring an animated elephant dancing through the jungle. The problem is the supporting cast of Scarlet Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, and Chestnut-Madibled Toucans. Here's the catch: Elephants live in Asia and Africa. Those birds live in Central and South America. I wish I could become a private consultant to movie and commercial producers and make a sweet living pointing out these oversights.

On another note, these are very innovative commercials because they feature hidden elements that can only be seen by watching the commercial frame-by-frame. Give it a try by watching them online.

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