Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trap, Neuter, and Release: Bad for Cats, Disaster for Birds

If you don't get the American Bird Conservancy's email newsletter, you may not have gotten a chance to see this video about the Trap, Neuter, Release programs implemented in many cities around the country.


Clare said...

very nice little film on a major problem. What puzzles me is why more birders don't get up in arms about this, and use their economic weight to do some changes. When Rob Fergus, The BirdChaser, suggested a boycott of Cape May for the town councils support of a TNR program, the support was pretty underwhelming. Here is a major birding destination, supporting a threat to birds, and who would probably listen if birders started staying away. Instead most continued to go with a "well that's a shame, but I don't want to miss birding Cape May". The point is, of course, that by staying away, telling the council that they were staying away, they could have very simply helped the bird population, reversed the presence of a TNR program, and not had to stay away, or not for a long time anyway.

Bird Advocate said...

Clare, the BirdChaser is one Birder most of us would follow. He not only has the writing expertise and credentials needed for this, he has repeatedly blogged about the matter.
Nothing will change until we begin to organize the same way the feral pet enablers do, and we have to frame our arguments correctly.
Our city and county governments will continue to give precedence to the hundreds of letters from "humane, compassionate, and non-lethal" TNR advocates until it is explained to them this pet species is being inhumanely re-abandoned to murder our wildlife!
I've been blogging about this for several years total and am glad to see your concern. Thank you.