Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 5 Birding Moments of 2008

It's the latest thing to do... posting the top X birding moments of 2008. Sorry that posting has been slow lately (like the last 6 months). It's been a crazy, but wonderful year with getting married, travelling to some nice places, and getting through some rough times. So here they are, the birding highlights of 2008 in no order.

Talking about the Great Backyard Bird Count with Martha Stewart!

Being one of the guides at the Cumberland County Eagle Fest.

Calling a Barred Owl during a beginner's walk.

Birding in Oregon, especially the nesting seabirds and temperate rainforests.

Birding in Australia


Barbara said...

Awwww......That Martha clip was really cute! What a nice guy to come up with that thoughtful "game of Scrabble"! So happy for both of you....and now you are both famous, as well! ;)


Patrick Belardo said...

Thanks Barbara!