Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

On Saturday I had the honor of becoming the godfather for one of my twin nieces, Olivia. My sister is the godmother. Lily is the other half of the twin cuties. Here are some pics.

Olivia and me - at least I think that's Olivia...

My brother holding Olivia while she's blessed with holy water. The girls were so good. Neither of them cried. That's my dad taking pics and my sister-in-law with her brother and Lily in the back.

The godparents with the parents and kids.

The whole Belardo clan. As my friend Pete once said, "The Belardo men were not blessed with a lot of hair."


Vickie said...

Congratulations! Wonderful event and wonderful photos.

Lynne said...

Those beautiful babies have the same family hair line! Congratulations Godfather!

Susan Gets Native said...

I think the babies have more hair than the men in your family, Patrick.
You get to be in a great position, dude. Spoil them rotten, then hand them back!

Barbara said...

Congrats Patrick! As a Godfather you will always hold a special place in that little girl's heart - as she will in yours. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful occasion! Thanks for sharing such a special moment.

OpposableChums said...

Sixteen years ago, I was made godfather of my nephew. Time goes by in the blink of an eye, and Al's now a smart, curious, kind young man who's taller than me. May you and yours be similarly blessed.