Friday, November 28, 2008

Hummingbird Beer

I came across a link to Nectar Ales while cleaning out my "Favorites" today. It's a California microbrewery that makes beers with hummingbirds on the label. Their award-winning beers have names like Red Nectar, Pale Nectar, and IPA Nectar - each with its own hummingbird on the label. I've had other bird-themed beers like Woodpecker Cider (technically not a beer I guess), Kingfisher, and Red Tail Ale. I haven't found Nectar Ales yet in NJ. If you've had any of their beers, please leave a comment.


Christopher said...

Haven't had any of the Hummingbird Beers yet... but I always have some Woodpecker Cider in the fridge. (Go figure!)

Larry said...

Interesting selection of bird beer.Unfortunately, all I have is one can of Schaefer in my fridge-only because it was the cheapest-$3.50 a six pack.-Maybe I'll draw a picture of a bird on it with a magic marker and call it a day.