Thursday, August 21, 2008

Props to Swarovski

When we were in Oregon, my beloved scope broke. The sun shade just came off and wouldn't go back on. So, I contacted Swarovski and they told me "no problem" and to just send it to them. It was a good chance to get a loose screw fixed too (the one that makes the angled scope turn for short people). They told me it could take 7 weeks if they needed to send it to Austria to get fixed. Sure enough, about 7 weeks to the day I got the scope back. No charge to me whatsoever. By the look of the scope, I'd swear it's a brand new one. The body is definitely new, probably due to the screw replacement. Where you could once not read "Swarovski" on the body, it is now crsytal clear. The lens looks magnificent. There were sand particles and all sorts of dust near it, but it looks better than the day I got it. AMAZING! Three cheers to Swarovski for returning my scope as promised and doing a stellar job fixing it.

Now I need to send my bins to Nikon at some point for cleaning... I've heard some stories there... Any tips on companies that clean binoculars would be appreciated.

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