Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Miscellaneous Stuff

It's a busy week due to a 4-day Project Management Professional Certification training I'm going to in preparation for a 200-question test on Monday. A few random birding notes:

I'm officially recruiting for a Sandy Hook Big Sit next October. It'll be early October of next year. I think we'd have a good shot of placing in the top 5 for # of species seen. Cape May "won" this year with 121 species. Sandy Hook should be able to break 100 I think. Want to join me?

On another note, I'm hopefully going on a pelagic trip on December 3. I've only signed up for one other pelagic before and it was canceled. This will be an opportunity for some lifers and a new birding experience for me. I will also face my fear of seasickness (along with my scopolamine patch). Anyone want to join me on that one?

Third, I've been asked to be the leader for the quarterly "Beginner Bird Walks" at Sandy Hook. The wonderful folks who've been doing it for years have some unfortunate health issues to deal with and I've been asked to step in semi-permanently. I'm excited about the opportunity.

Finally, I'm leading a trip to Island Beach State Park on Sunday. Expect a full report with some pictures!


LauraHinNJ said...

Oh sign me up! But not for the pelagic. No way.

Good luck with the test. And the beginning bird walks - think you'll be good for them - you have the right amount of enthusiasm, plus the knowledge!

Patrick Belardo said...

Ok Laura, you're in for the Sit. You don't want to provide extra chum for the pelagic?

Thanks for the votes of confidence. I'm more confident in the birding than the test!