Friday, April 28, 2006

Most Beautiful Birds Meme

John over at DC Birding started this post. This is my first "meme" and I don't have any blog friends that haven't already been tagged, so I will refrain from that. I've hit up Laura to help my brain process the whole tagging and meme thing.

Rules: Post a list of the 10 birds you consider most beautiful on your blog; you may limit the list to the ABA area (continental United States and Canada) or use a geographic area of your choice. Mark birds you have seen with an asterisk. Tag 3 bloggers to keep it going.

My list (ABA only):

Harlequin Duck*
Scarlet Tanager*
Violet-Crowned Hummingbird*
Prothonotary Warbler*
American Kestrel*
Vermillion Flycatcher*
Mountain Bluebird
Green Jay*
Stellar's Jay*
Elegant Trogon*

This was off the top of my head. Too many to choose from...


LauraHinNJ said...

Nice list - I see we share some favorites.

I think you've got the meme thing figured out just fine. Some people find them really annoying, but a good one can be fun (and helps when you've no ideas for what to blog about)!

LauraHinNJ said...

Have a look at Endment's blog to see what she did with my tag:

The list goes on... ;-)